AcronymGenie 4.3

Complete list of acronyms related to Internet, computers, chat, games and more


  • Comprehensive list
  • Embedded search tools


  • You can't edit entries nor enter new ones

Not bad

Hello m8! ASL? BRB, CU! If you didn't understand a word in the previous sentence, you really need to take a look at Acronym Genie.

This app is the ultimate dictionary to understand the language spoken on the Internet and other computer-related environments. It contains a list with more than 17,000 acronyms and abbreviations used in chats, forums, programming and similar locations.

Acronym Genie includes a search utility and a basic smiley dictionary, besides another more specialized search tool that can locate acronyms based on anagrams. On the downside, I missed the possibility of editing entries or even adding new ones to the database.

Learn the meaning of nearly all abbreviations used on the Internet: chats, forums, online games and more.

AcronymGenie is a simple desktop program that lets you look up the expansion of a computer acronym, abbreviation or initialism using an offline database. Simply type the first few letters of the acronym or abbreviation you are looking for and the list of acronyms will narrow down to a more specific list until you have a match.

The AcronymGenie database covers most of the computer-related fields including information technology, Internet, chat, programming, software engineering, networking, hacking, graphics, multimedia, audio, video, telecommunications, electronics, embedded systems etc.

AcronymGenie lets you search the database with full reverse lookup facility that supports wildcards. This allows you to search by acronyms as well as by keywords that appear in the expansions. The anagrammatic search capability proves handy when you don't remember the exact sequence of the letters in an acronym.

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